United States of America
In God We Trust

Our first trip to the USA was in 1996, we flew to New York  to meet sailing friends - we completed an enjoyable trip up the East coast on a 38' Prout catamaran.

We bought a 1989 Ford Elite 27' motorhome from a friend who attended the Atlanta Olympic games in 1996. It was previously a rental unit, operated out of Hialeah Gardens just outside of Miami. This RV was powered by a 7.2 litre V8 Ford motor which proved an absolute workhorse, with plenty power. Fuel consumption was in the 8 - 14 m.p.g range. In city driving fuel consumption was bad whereas we found that on rural roads or highways we could get as much as 14 m.p.g. if we stayed below 55 m.p.h.

In 1999 we went back to the Canada, via New Zealand. This time I was going to start a business in Northern America, but as I wasn't sure where it would be most successful and where would base ourselves, I bought another RV - a 31' Fleetwood Coronado. We based ourselves initially in Valley Center in California and subsequently in New Braunfels in Texas, then near Stockton in California.

In December 2006 / January 2007, we rented a 25' RV in La Place (just north of New Orleans) from Cruise America. After provisioning it we drove from LA Place, via New Orleans, along the Mississippi and Alabama cost and the Florida panhandle coast to Bradenton, Florida. Details of this trip can be found under the relevant state links above. This trip completed our circumnavigation of the USA.

In 2008 we travelled to Yellowstone National Park and a month or so later we took a cruise to Alaska.

In 2012, while staying in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, we did a trip to Seattle, where we stayed a few days.

We have always enjoyed travelling and visiting the 'states, it's a tremendous & fascinating place, it's just such a pity the border authorities are mostly very officious and sometimes brusque.

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