Singapore remains one of our favourite cities to visit. We both love its cleanliness and general order, not too mention the shopping. We have visited Singapore 11 times in the past 6 years and we have never managed to leave there without a new camera, video camera, electronic device, watch, shoes or something else we never knew we needed.

TIP - when visiting Singapore and you think there may be something you wish to buy, research the prices and products first. In Singapore the best deals are to be had a "no price displayed shops" - so you need to know your prices beforehand. Never pay the price you are first given, you should pay no more than 50-60% of that price - don't feel embarrassed bargaining, it is expected - in fact the merchants joke about people who pay the price asked. If you do buy something and then you find out you have paid far more than the normal RRSP ( recommended selling price), report the dealer to the Police, who will investigate on your behalf. TIP - don't shop in Orchard Street until you have checked prices at China Plaza and the Peoples Bazaar, both are in Chinatown, which you can reach easily by bus. TIP - the duty free shops tend to be about 10% - 15% more expensive than the shops in Chinatown.

Singapore Airport, in my view, is the most impressive airport in the world - it is well laid out, very clean and luxuriously appointed, the Koi fish in the many pools throughout the airport are most relaxing. The indoor plants give the airport a real tranquil feeling. If you are flying with - so comfortable, Yvonne fell asleep within minutes. I always encourage her to sleep at the airport, that way we don't spend any money at the many well stocked duty free shops.

Singapore is a different destination to different people - some people actually believe it is too clean and sterile and that it is a police state. If it is a police state, then give me a police state any day. We both love law and order and the ability to walk around a large city during the day or night with absolutely no safety concerns at all - which you can do.

We love the waterfront area, there are two. One, the oldest is Boat Quay and the new one, just completed when we first visited in 1995 is the Clarke quay. Both have many restaurants, offering every imaginable type of food. If you want to try local and are prepared to eat in a Chinese eating house, then one road behind Boat Quay, there is a little street where there are at least 5 or 6 genuine eating houses, where, for a couple of Sing $ one can enjoy incredibly good local food. We almost always now eat at these eating houses, which are evident all around Singapore.

A visit to Orchard Street is a must, you could 'shop until you drop' there, how the hundreds of shops, all selling similar goods, make any money I have no idea. But they obviously do. I know, I have spent enough there on cameras, watches and electronic goodies over the years.

There is just so much to see in Singapore, Chinatown is well worth a visit. The Malay Village and the Indian Village are just as interesting and a visit to Sentosa Island is worth a day's trip. From Sentosa catch the cable car that runs from Sentosa to the World Trade Centre - this cable car runs over the Singapore harbour at an incredible height. A experience not to be missed.

Singapore is a city of contrasts. Here, one road behind Boat quay, one can see the old building in the foreground and the modern skyscrapers in the background. This is the road where there are many good Chinese eating houses.


Singapore skyscrapers
A Bum boat
Boat Quay, great buzz at night
Cable cars to Sentosa Island
Singapore zoo at night. Recommended!
The Merlion