Month end Odo reading: 29,284
July 2010
Km's for the Month: 12
Odo reading at month start : 29,272
1 - 11 July     Distance:  12
Staying at Broadwater Tourist Park (Top Tourist).
1 July  - Saw something really weird today, a young couple came into the camp pushing 2 Woolworths shopping trolleys (buggies, carts, whatever you call them). I didn't think too much about this until they "unpacked" the trolleys. Out came a tent, which was then erected right behind us, then clothing & camping equipment etc. followed.
Just as set off for our morning walk, we met Frank Cocu walking into the main entrance. After going for a walk with Frank, we had lunch then he took us for a drive along the coast north of Southport, up to Jacob's Well. We looked a 1000's of boats, including a look at the Riviera factory. Sanctuary Cove is a great marina and upmarket marina town. I think Frank's master plan was to make us drool at all the boats we saw - Frank, you succeeded!
2 July  -  I have just watched our trolley-pushing neighbours take their tent down, pack up all their possessions into the 2 trolleys and off they go, walking out of the camp.  The is the first time we have ever seen this, anywhere in the world!!!!
7 July  -  We took David's motorhome in for a 30,000km service at Grand Motors, the Mercedes agent in Southport. Arrived back at the camp without having an accident, phew! I subscribe to Murphy's law so fully expected to have a fender bender now that we no longer own the motorhome.
Sanctuary Cove marina, north of Southport
The trolley-pushing campers, packed & ready to go. I guess this could be referred to as basic camping
11 -13 July     
Coolangatta. We've decided to have a short vacation in Coolangatta before flying back. Seriously though, the earliest flight we could get after the 11th was the 14th. We would have liked to go back earlier.
14 July     Bastille Day
Flew back to Napier, New Zealand