Week 8 of 10
Body work complete & painted
Due to the 'horrific' bureaucracy in Australia relating to anything not manufactured in Australia we had to sell our Burstner motorhome due to the over zealous rules & regulations surrounding the temporary importation of a vehicle on a 12-month Carnet into Australia - due to this we were virtually forced to buy a motorhome in Australia which was not an ideal situation as they are at least 30% more expensive there, in addition one has to pay a hefty amount of government stamp duty and GST when buying a motorhome. In NZ there is no stamp duty on vehicles or GST on anything brought privately, even motorhomes!

We did not like the style of any of the Aussie off-the-shelf motorhomes, they have enormous, bulbous lutons above the driver's cab and generally the build quality and finish is far below that of the German motorhomes. However, we read and heard about a company based on the Gold Coast, Paradise Motorhomes who had gained a reputation for high quality, well designed, well engineered and well finished motorhomes, so after a short trip to Brisbane I ordered a Paradise Liberty, with a slide-out and quite a few extras.

Below is the build progress of our 'home'. We collected our new home at around 16:00 on Thursday, April 9th.
Week 9 of 10 (and 3 days to PDD)
PDD = Promised Delivery Date
Week 10 of 10. PDD -2
Slide-out working & out
Looking aft (the slide-out is in)
The lounge & galley
Yvonne unpacking
Delivery on 9 April 2009 with a beaming Yvonne
Paradise Liberty