We took delivery of our new 2008 Burstner Elegance i821 on Saturday May 3, 2008 from Barrons RV's in Taupo. What should have been a really exciting event was marred by Barrons missing the promised delivery date by almost 3 weeks - the reasons and excuses sounded, quite frankly, a load of B.S!

In order to test all the systems we decided to stay in Taupo over the weekend so in the event we found something wrong, we could return to Barrons on Monday morning to have it repaired. As it turned out the main house batteries were totally stuffed, after charging them all weekend they only got to 11.6V and did not even hold that charge. The central heating system was fully tested on both Saturday & Sunday night, Sunday night got down to 30C and we were a toasty 22C inside the RV. On Saturday night however, for a brief moment I thought the heating system was faulty as one of the radiators in the bedroom was not getting hot, and the system fluid needed to be re-filled about 4 times, with about 1 litre of glycol/water mix. Thankfully it was just a matter of bleeding and filling the system correctly. On Sunday night it worked perfectly.

This motorhome has the new Fiat Ducato 3.0 JTD Maxi motor, with 160HP, which is roughly 50HP more than my previous Burstner motorhome. Although the engine was still a bit tight, the extra power was very noticeable on the drive back from Taupo, especially up the many mountain passes. The engine seems much smoother and quieter as well. The 6-speed gearbox also seems to make quite a difference.

As can be seen by the photo on the right, we had fairly bad weather on the way back, with an un-seasonal cold front and a heavy dumping of snow in the vicinity of the Summit - it was the heaviest snowfall we had experienced in New Zealand.

With the high price of gas & diesel now I am hoping this RV is as economical as the previous one, at this stage it's hard to tell as the road from Taupo is extremely hilly, but even still, the fuel consumption looks pretty good. She averaged about 20 m.p.g. on this trip which is pretty good.

For the past week since taking delivery, I have fitted a number of extras and have compartmentalised a number of the lockers for better storage options. In the next couple of weeks we are having an air conditioner, an awning, a TV aerial and a generator fitted - all in preparation for us sending her across to Australia next year, where we hope to spend 15 months or so touring around OZ.

This model has the same large rear compartment our last RV had, so fitting our bikes in this locker is no problem at all.

Shortly after taking delivery of the Elegance, we had an air-conditioner, Wingard Satellite TV aerial and a 5-metre awning fitted, the work was done by CI Munro in Hamilton.

We only did 2 trips in this motorhome, both extremely enjoyable, we really enjoyed the comfort, finish, spaciousness and build quality of this motorhome. We decided we were going to send it to Australia, but the bureaucracy and paperwork to do this just became too much, so after much deliberation we sold it in January 2009.

At first, I turned down an offer but after getting subsequent calls & offer from the prospective purchaser I gave in and sold it.
Layout of the Elegance 821i
The day we took delivery, The Summit on Napier - Taupo road
Burstner Elegance 821i