We bought this RV in Vancouver in April 1999 after looking at about 20 RV's before settling on the Coronado. Based on our previous RV experience in the Elite, we felt we needed something larger, with a large bedroom and decent and separate shower and toilet. This model fitted our requirements perfectly.

It also came with a car towing dolly and many extras, so we bought it shortly after seeing it.

It was powered by a Chevy 7.4 litre V8 motor, which performed very well, we had absolutely no problems with the motor or with anything for that matter.

It had been well cared for and was in excellent condition, which helped when we sold it later, in Vancouver.

We did a trip from Vancouver to San Diego, then to San Antonio, Texas, then back to central California and then back to Vancouver, (details of this trip under travels.)

Fuel consumption was in the 10-12 m.p.g. range cruising at 60 m.p.h. We towed a car on a dolly at all times during this trip. The car was a Pontiac Sunfire V6, front wheel drive with auto box.

The whole time we owned it, the only problems we had was a dead battery, which was replaced by Pep Boys in Escondido, CA. without any questions at all, and a faulty toilet seal - which cost me .39c to replace with about an hours work.

I did not like the feel of the brakes although they always worked well, even on the steepest downhill gradients. I also felt the 3-speed automatic gearbox would have been better with 4 or 5 forward gears.

This particular Chevy motor apparently has an inherent fault with the exhaust manifold gasket, ours used to leak when the motor was cold, and as a result was a bit noisy, but once the motor warmed up it was very quiet. The previous owner had the exhaust manifold skimmed and had the gasket replaced but the fault reoccurred fairly quickly after we took delivery.

We sold it to a couple from Vancouver Island who planned to drive to Alaska - we have not stayed in contact so never got to hear whether they did that trip or not.
Taking delivery in Surrey
Leaving for California, with Pontiac in tow
Coronado 31'