We bought this RV from a friend in South Africa. He had bought it a year earlier to go to the Atlanta Olympics, his son was in the South African sailing team.

He left it with a hire company based in Miami, Florida. We arrived in Miami on May 12, 1997 and after taking possession of our new RV, we headed off to the closest supermarket to stock it up. Imagine our surprise when we came out and witnessed a tornado close by!

This Elite RV had spent about 6 years in a hire fleet, but despite that it was in pretty good condition.

It was powered by a 7.2l Ford V8, which ran well and gave us no trouble at all the whole time we owned it. The only mechanical repair needed was the replacement of the air-con condenser, besides that and a new battery, it cost us almost nothing to run. I did replace the tyres in Canada just before selling it.

After touring almost every state in the USA, British Columbia and Alberta in Canada, we sold the RV in Vancouver after importing it into Vancouver.

Beware, importation into Canada is not an easy practice and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
Photo take the day we sold it.
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
Elite 27'