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We bought our first motorhome (RV) in 1997, after an aborted sailing trip from Durban, South Africa to the USA, via the Caribbean.

We enjoyed our RV trip in the USA so much that ever since then we have owned 7 motorhomes, two in the USA, one in Australia and four in New Zealand.

Our current motorhome is a Niesmann & Bischoff Flair 8000i CFB, manufactured in Germany.

We find it so relaxing when we go away in our motorhome, especially when parked overlooking one of the so many scenically beautiful vistas, which we are so lucky to have in New Zealand.

Other than the Canadian Rockies, New Zealand's mountains are second to none.

Australia and the US are so different, expansive views and very varied scenery, beautiful in places and harsh desert landscapes in others.

Which country is the best to tour in an RV? On reflection I think it is the US, as it so geared-up for the RV traveller. But, having said that, we have enjoyed our travels in all countries. It's such a pity travelling in the US now is made so difficult by certain restrictions.
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Elite 27ft
Fleetwood Coronado
Burstner A747-2
Burstner Elegance 821i
Paradise Liberty
Swift Kontiki 669 Low-line
Niesmann & Bischoff Flair 8000i CFB