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Where is Napier?

I guess sailing is the one interest we were most passionate about. Unfortunately, sailing out of Napier would not be that enticing, the closest port north is Gisborne and south is Wellington, with a pretty hostile coastline between. It would be very much like sailing out of Durban. Day sailing would get boring and long-distance sailing would be just too hard. How I miss sailing on the west coat of Florida, where there are so many interesting & scenic places to sail to.

I started riding motorbikes when I was 15 years old and did so until a few years ago. I still think about buying another bike one day. Maybe I am getting wiser with age!

One of my other passions was flying model aircraft and helicopters.

Now and then my passion for collecting things surfaces and I pull out my stamps collection, or my Family Tree records. My stamps collection is quite comprehensive.

Travelling in our motorhome is great fun, I particularly enjoy the freedom one has, especially in New Zealand, where it is safe to freedom park in most places.

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